Sedation Dentistry In FairfaxA Woman Receiving Sedation Dentistry In Fairfax, VA

  • Nitrous Oxide $125 Flat (reg. $250 per hour)
  • Oral Sedation $385 Flat (reg. $468)
  • I.V. Conscious Sedation $795 Every 2 Hours (reg. $1632 Every 2 Hours)

Many men and women are terrified to go to the dentist in Fairfax. Sedation dentistry is a new type of technique offering treatments during procedures that help the client remain relaxed and unafraid. Appalachian Dental is pleased to offer this style of dental practice to our clients in order to ensure they get the most out of their personal oral health and hygiene.

Some of the techniques in dentistry that can help promote calmness include medications such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV conscious sedation. We offer all three types of sedation at a variety of price ranges to fit any need and budget. Our dentists are gentle and comforting, but often we have patients that have an unfounded or unexplainable fear of the dental chair. If we can’t help them overcome that fear, we are pleased to offer alternatives in order to ensure that patient gets the oral health care they need.

Sedation dentistry is designed to help you feel comfortable and get the most out of your dental visit without the fear that is commonly ascribed to the dreaded dental chair. Our friendly and helpful staff would love the opportunity to offer you personalized, gentle care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Contact us today for more information or to book your appointment. We offer affordable payment plans and flexible financing on all dental work.

Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation
This is often referred to as sleep dentistry. This is a common misnomer, as sleep dentistry brings to mind thoughts of being put to sleep. In fact, this is not the case. You will remain conscious during IV conscious sedation. You will be able to understand and respond to any requests from your dentist.

IV conscious sedation is perfect for those with dental anxiety. This process produces partial or even full memory loss (amnesia of the dental experience in the patient).

This works really well for both the dentist and the patient. As the patient, you will be aware of what is happening on a purely detached level. You can answer questions, accommodate requests and generally do what you?re told.

Simultaneously, the influx of drugs in your arm (or hand) will give you a peaceful feeling. Basically, you won't be bothered in the least by any poking or prodding. As a bonus -- you'll remember virtually nothing!

This is nice for your dentist as well. He or she will be able to monitor your heart rhythms (ECGs), heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen levels, and carbon dioxide levels. The dental care team will be able to monitor any ill effects the drug may have on your central nervous system.

The pharmaceuticals used for dental IV conscious sedation are not narcotics. That means they do not dull your senses. Instead, the drug used for sedation is in the benzodiazepine (benzos) family. In a nutshell, IV conscious sedation relies on an anti-anxiety sedative to provide patients the comfort they need.

IV conscious sedation may ease your anxiety, but it won't prevent pain. That means you'll still need a local anesthetic before your procedure begins. Since people who choose this kind of sedation are likely afraid of the needle, local anesthesia can easily be administered once the dental IV drug has taken effect.

In addition to the sedative, some dentists add in a strong pain-killer, such as Morphine and Demerol, to the IV. These drugs help prevent discomfort and post-operative pain. If this sounds great to you and you'd like to forget every dental experience, it is important to realize the advantages and disadvantages of dental IV conscious sedation.

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